Refugees migration might have a solution

Since 2015, Europe, Asia and Africa have gone through a serious situation: the Refugee Crisis. War, terrorism, political and social issues are the main reasons for millions of people from Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe are moving to Western Europe. Recently, at August 28 in Paris, a few countries from Europe and Africa presented a plan to manage the migratory flux coming mainly from Africa.

The conference was attended by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian prime-minister Paolo Gentoloni, Spanish prime-minister Mariano Rajoy and the High Representative from Europe Union, Federica Mogherini, spoke about reasons and solutions for the migratory crisis with representatives from Niger, Chad and Libya. Emmanuel Macron, President of France, suggested the elaborate “safe areas” in Niger and Chad, where people in migration could ask for asylum. The United Nations Refugee Agency would remain responsible for the logistics.

But the crisis won’t end up until the situation in Libya is solved. The country survives in chaos and civil war since Muammar Kadafi died in 2011 and several groups fought for power and control. Since then, is through Libya where people from another places walks up to Mediterranean Sea and Europe.

All representatives agreed that all of them must improve the cooperation in fighting against violence, traffic of people, the well management of finances, frontier controlling and law programs which could contribute for solutions.

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency declared that the number of refugees coming to Europe through sea decreased. 231 thousand people went to Europe through sea in boats, ships or even swimming from January to June in 2016. Meanwhile, in the same period of 2017, there was a 105 thousand people trespassing the Mediterranean Sea. In total, 119 thousand refugees went to Europe, and 83% of them, entered the continent through Italy. Since 2014, 14 thousand people die trying to reach safe lands in Europe.


Falkner Moreira
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